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CineFAM Film Festival

October 20 - October 22

2023 Events Calendar CaribbeanTales Media Group

Survive & Thrive

Welcome to CineFAM Film Festival, where we explore the powerful ways in which women of colour and non-binary people connect, create, and thrive. In this ever-evolving cultural landscape, we reflect on how our stories will endure and the legacies we leave behind. Who will carry our torch? What bonds will shape the future we envision? Our community has long been defined by narratives of trauma and healing. But today, we yearn for more than mere survival. We are determined to thrive, and we deserve nothing less.
This year, CineFAM Film Festival is a celebration of acceptance, belonging, and the vibrant identities we embrace. It’s an opportunity to embrace the joy and fulfillment that lies ahead, as we create a future filled with promise. Join us as we honor the diverse experiences.


October 20
October 22
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